YouTube Red: The new ad-free service with 9.99 dollars a month


He sounded long ago, and now Google is finally made official its new subscription service. This is the YouTube Red which with 9.99 dollars a month enables you to watch anything you want on YouTube, without annoying ads and offers, and other content.

The most important is that the YouTube Red offers you ad-free playback and enables you to store whatever you want on whatever device you want to be available offline.To YouTube Red includes YouTube Music Key – now known as YouTube Music, which It has its own app and includes a full subscription to Google Play Music. Those who subscribe to Google Play Music, subscribe and YouTube Red.

Beyond the music in the YouTube Red works with the recently heralded YouTube Gaming and the YouTube Kids. It’s all pieces of YouTube Red and indicates that the service works on all platforms, iOS, Android, web, or devices such as Apple TV, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, etc.

Finally, to say that in addition to the above, the YouTube Red will have own original content. Google has announced 10 new show in which we find and video of the attractive youtuber PewDiePie, o who recently came first in the list of Forbes magazine’s most well-paid.

Currently, the YouTube Red is not available in Bangladesh.

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