Microsoft: No Windows 10 users that want to go to Chrome


The numbers show that the new Edge browser brought by Microsoft in Windows 10, has failed to convince many. Microsoft made several changes from Internet Explorer, but users seem to be more hesitant. That’s why the new Windows 10 preview (build 10568) leaked, Microsoft will try to convince them not to go to Chrome and Firefox.

The Microsoft seeks to encourage the owners of Windows 10 use the default apps that exist in the OS and one of these applications is the Edge browser.

In the window where users choose the default apps that open files in Windows 10, there will be a new addition who writes «Give Microsoft Edge a shot» and praised some of the “virtues” of the browser as the ability to write on pages The reading view mode and the ability to use the Cortana.

Microsoft is seems to do the same for other applications when trying to replace them, such as photo and music apps. When you see that you want to replace an application, you become the same procedure with the window trying to convince you of the benefits to having the application that you want to release.

This version is expected to be given in the coming weeks.

You’ve tried the Edge browser;

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