Mac malware: He broke every record in 2015


The Mac Computers traditionally considered to have fewer problems from malware / viruses compared to Windows. This does not necessarily mean that the platform’s OS X Apple, is immune, but there’s so many viruses or malware that have targeted their Mac computers. Ultimately, however, the more popular are the computers of Apple, the same happens with to malware.

According to the report Bleeping Computer, which was based on data of Bit9 and Carbon Black, in 2015, the Mac malware, broke every record. For example, the period 2010-2014 there were about 180 cases where it was discovered malware for Mac. In contrast, only in 2015 the number rose to 948, and not over the year.

The increase is certainly huge, but according to analyst Securiosis, the number is not alarming. In fact notes that “if we take all the malware we’ve seen in Mac, is less than the Windows malware that we will see in an hour.”

Finally, to point out that it considered itself increasingly dangerous malware discovered. However, the bottom line is that the malware that is targeting the Mac of Apple, on the rise and she should take it into account for future OS X builds.

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