Is the iPad Pro a Necessity, a Luxury, or Just Useless?


Apple announced many new things this week, among them the iPad Pro. It makes Apple’s tablet closer than ever to a laptop. While it certainly looks to be an impressive device, is the iPad Pro a necessity, a luxury, or just another useless gadget?

There have been a handful of generations of iPads, each one more impressive than the last. But now they are adding the iPad Pro that has a screen as large as a small laptop and is built to have an attached keyboard. In addition they are marketing a stylus to make drawing on the device even easier. Basically it makes it like a laptop, but it retains the mobile aspect of a tablet, giving it even more uses. In addition to this, the price is just below that of a basic Apple laptop. For people who felt the iPad wasn’t enough for them, now they have something better. However, it still runs on iOS. Despite its larger size and increased options, it will still run into a few shortcomings because of its OS.

Basically it comes down to whether you need a larger tablet that can do a few more things or whether it doesn’t really offer that many more benefits for the higher price. Some people might really need this, but for others it would just be something nice to have. Some might not see a use for it at all.

Is the iPad Pro a necessity, a luxury, or just useless?

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